Made several trips to this dealer looking for a new Soul and Optima over the course of 2 months. When a soul came in of the color we wanted we went in to buy. Well first of all the car had more options then we wanted and we got the first of many "Better get it when you can they are hot!" Then after spending 2 1/2 hours with the "General Manager" and listening to many more "It's hot" excuses why he could not come ONE PENNY off their inflated sticker price ($3,000 over MSRP). Guess what happened. During a break in conversation another salesman came over and picked up the keys to the car we were looking at and said "You buying this car?", I said we are talking about the price. He left with the keys. About 20 minutes later he came up behind me and said to the GM, "The car is sold". GM said to me "see, I told you".He then proceeded to tell us a story of when they had the same thing happen to an older women not long ago,In fact they did it to her 3!! times. He also had the nerve to tell us she sent him a thank you card. AMAZING.

After this 2 1/2 hours we got up and left! What would you do?

I feel like sending him a "Thank You" card for doing this to us! It's been a week now, have received 2 calls from them offering sticker plus $2,000 and low offer on our trade.

We traveler 2 hours away and now own 2 cars! The Soul wasover $1,000 less then their "Special one time offer to us"with a fair price for our one trade.

The lease on the Optima was $35.00 a month less.



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I'm not wasting 2 1/2 hours at any dealer. If I can't cut a deal in an hour I am wasting my time and that is to valuable.

Give them your price and if they do not like it WALK. There are lots of cars and lots of dealers out there.

Brandon, Florida, United States #834816


You could have sat down with the Dealer and have them order a vehicles that match your expectations in terms of the options you wanted. Dealers can order vehicles specific to your desires.

The catch is that its takes about 90 to120 days for the vehicle to be delivered to the dealer. At the time of order is also an opporunity to negotiate a price inadvance of delivery.

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